Report for activities carried out during the 2015/2016 academic year
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Mission statement

To foster or support economic, social and cultural development of African countries through action – research, support – consultancy and training of African officials to the enable them to assume responsibilities at various levels, in order to achieve self – development and improve their living conditions.


To be the reference centre for concerted, decent and sustainable economic, social and cultural development of the African continent bringing together in every country all persons without distinction of race, nationality, religious origin/affiliation, or belief and the association shall not accept gifts, grants or contributions from any public or private institution which is subject to a condition contrary to its political and religious neutrality.

Core values

  • Excellence,
  • Field Orientation,
  • Professionalism,
  • Political and Religious Neutrality
  • Vocational Training

Governance and structure of PAID

PAID-WA is one of the five (5) regional institutes that form part of the network of a non- profit making international association designated Pan African Institute for Development (PAID) governed by Article 60 and following the Swiss Civil code.

The network is manage by a General Secretariat endowed with two offices, one in Geneva responsible for  International Partnership and another based  at Yaoundé, Cameroon.

The five Regional Institutes are responsible for:

  • The training of top executive officials
  • The support services – counselling and Guidance
  • The Management of the projects/consultancy
  • Action – Research/Research for Development