PAID-WA May 2016 Newsletter
PAID-WA May 2016 Newsletter

One of the paths to Africa’s global development lies in the way research is conducted and how the findings are disseminated to the population.

Research for Development places emphasis on the fact that for there to be progress in the attainment of international development goals, initiatives and agendas, there must be concerted efforts, involving all the stakeholders and partners at the various levels.

Colonialism and Neo-colonialism have had their impact on the African continent and on the path of African development. However, Africa’s challenges at the dawn of the 21st Century still continue to be mounting, thereby necessitating an upsurge in the role of Africans in promoting sustainable development and livelihood sustenance in the continent.

The PAID-WA Newsletter is a step in the right direction as it brings to the limelight some of the challenges facing Africa’s development and the ways forward to mitigating or addressing such challenges.

The articles in the PAID-WA Newsletter are research/development-oriented and are tailored towards themes that will promote Africa’s development. The role of sustainable agriculture, research for development, vocational training, hands-on income generating activities, stakeholder, participation, youth involvement, gender considerations, resources and environmental management amongst others are reflected in this Newsletter.

The articles are predominantly based on practical activities conducted on-campus at PAID-WA, Buea both by the staff and students.

This Newsletter is a window to the world, showcasing the increasing role of PAID-WA as one of the leading development-oriented institutions in Africa and the world at large.